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What kind of motorcycle should I get if I want speed?

Fast Motorcycles

If you are in the market for a motorcycle that is designed for speed above all else, then you should choose either a Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki or a Yamaha. Each of these companies create bikes that are designed for speed, often referred to as "crotch rockets," and each of them have their own specialized designs for their bikes. Oftentimes, the choice of a company will come down to your individual taste and desire in a bike. One of the best companies, in terms of reliability, however, is Honda. Honda bikes are well-known for their reliability and durability, and there is an impressive selection of speedy bikes to choose from. If you do not like the designs that Honda has for their bikes, though, you can make a selection from any of the other companies. While their bikes may not have the reputation for reliability that Hondas do, motorcycles are generally fairly reliable machines (when compared to cars), so as long as you care for your bike properly, you will probably be safe no matter which manufacturer you choose.

What kind of motorcycle is best for long trips?

Motorcycles and Long Trips

When taking long trips on a motorcycle, comfort should be one of the motivating factors for choosing what kind of bike to purchase and ride. Two manufacturers stand out as producing bikes that have been used extensively for long distance rides, Harley-Davidson and Honda. Harley-Davidson bikes have a classic look to them, and are used by hundreds of thousands of riders across the world. People routinely ride them cross-country when taking part in biker rallies and other motorcycle events, and they have a reputation for being well-built and sturdy machines. However, one drawback is that most Harleys do not have many "modern" conveniences built into them, like radios, digital guages and so forth. Honda, on the other hand, produces larger motorcycles with these types of amenities, specifically for people who are riding long distances. Honda bikes are also well-built and extremely reliable machines. They are generally used by portions of the population who like to ride bikes simply to get to their destination, in contrast to Harley riders who consider their bike an integral part of the riding experience. Regardless of whether you choose a Harley or a Honda, both manufacturers make exceptional bikes, and the final choice should rest on your personal taste and desire.

What kind of motorcycle should I get if I want to stand out?

Motorcycles that Stand Out

When people buy a motorcycle, they sometimes want to stand out in a crowd and turn heads as they travel down the road. If you would like to do this, then you should purchase either a Harley-Davidson motorcycle or a "crotch rocket" from a different manufacturer (such as Honda). A Harley-Davidson is a well known, iconic bike, and the large engine and loud exhaust are classic hallmarks of a Harley. Harleys will turn heads when they ride down the street, especially if the exhaust is exceptionally loud, or the bike has been upgraded to have interesting or unique patterns or designs on it. If you do not want to drive a Harley, though, purchasing a "crotch rocket" is another way to turn heads. These bikes are built for speeds, and their nickname comes from the fact that riding one is analogous to sitting on a rocket, because of the massive amount of power that is built into such a small object. Such bikes come in stylish and eye-attracting colors, and have sufficient speed and body design that they will attract anyone's attention. Riding one of these bikes, while moderately dangerous, will make you stand out, and will likely be fun to ride as well.

What kind of motorcycle dealer should I go to?

Types of Motorcycle Dealers

When you are shopping for a motorcycle, you need to decide what type of motorcycle you want before you choose a motorcycle dealer. It is easiest to think of there being three general types of motorcycles: iconic, average, and fast motorcycles. If you are shopping for a motorcycle that stands out and is iconic, you should look at the Harley-Davidson line of bikes. Harley-Davidson is an American company, and their bikes are emblazoned on the minds of people as what a "true" motorcycle should be. If you are looking for a motorcycle that "just runs" and you do not care about looks or speed very much, then you have a variety of options to choose from. Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki and Yamaha all make motorcycles in this range, and each of them have their own strengths and weaknesses. If you want a bike like this, you should base it off of what you like, since each of these types of motorcycle dealers will have a large selection to choose from. Similarly, if you are looking for a fast motorcycle, like the increasingly popular "crotch rockets" that are used for both racing and on the streets, many dealers sell those. All of the companies that make motorcycles in the mid-range band make some form of motorcycle that is tuned towards speed, and your selection comes down to your personal tastes and what you like. All in all, your choice of a motorcycle dealer should be based on what you like and desire above anything else.

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