What to Look for in Harness Boots

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What should I look for in motorcycle harness boots?

What to Look for in Harness Boots

Harness boots are a great way to protect your feet as well as give you a unique style that is associated with motorcycle enthusiasts. There are literally hundreds of different types of harness boots you can choose from, however, you want to ensure your boots provide you with safety as well as style. Some of the greatest motorcycle harness boots include a metal shank, which will give you superior arch support. Also, make sure that your harness boots have leather insoles for ultimate comfort and warmth during those long winter rides.

One common misconception with harness boots is the thought that leather is the most durable material you can use. While leather harness boots do provide you with protection, if you want to have a truly rugged boot, than you will want to purchase a harness boot that is made with Mulehide. This material is much more durable than all other types of leather, and it will also keep your feet warmer.



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