Keep Warm with this Motorcycle Gear

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How can I keep my hands and feet warm when riding my bike?

Keep Warm with this Motorcycle Gear

There are many different types of motorcycle gear, perhaps one of the most popular piece of motorcycle gear is electrical clothing. This is a great way to keep warm on those cold morning rides, or when you're cruising at higher altitudes where the weather is slightly colder. Heated motorcycle gear isn't a new concept; it actually was first introduced in 1971 by Pat Widder, who started the American electric vest market. There are many different types of electric heating motorcycle gear; however, the most important out of all these is the electric vest. The reason why electric vests are popular among riders is because it warms your torso, which is key to regulating your entire body's temperature.

Many riders think that their hands and feet get cold quicker because they are exposed to more wind; however, the truth is the reason why your hands and feet become cold is because the body is simply performing safety measures. When your overall body temperature begins to drop, your body begins to withdraw heat from them in order to conserve heat for your vital organs. However, when these organs are kept warm, the rest of your body will stay warm as well. Of course, another reason why so many riders choose this type of motorcycle gear is because they allow riders to carry less clothing, thus giving them more luggage space for other items besides clothing.



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