Keep your Head Safe with a DOT Approved Helmet

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Are there any regulations for motorcycle helmets?

Keep your Head Safe with a DOT Approved Helmet

It's no secret that helmets are necessary to protect you during your motorcycle ride. However, in order to have the best quality helmets, you will want to purchase DOT Approved Helmets. When a helmet goes through a DOT certification, you are guaranteed to have a helmet that upholds the highest standards in safety and construction.

A DOT standard helmet undergoes massive amounts of testing in order to ensure sufficient protection. You can always tell when a helmet meets DOT standards by looking for the DOT sticker, which is located on the back of the helmet. Actually, no motorcycle helmet is allowed to be sold in the United States unless it meets the DOT certification standards.

Helmets must gain approval through the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218, which basically review helmets for minimum performance requirements. The National Highway Safety Administration is always seeking out ways to prevent unnecessary deaths and injuries, and by placing guidelines for helmets, they are ensuring the market is not flooded with incompetent helmets. The standard for safety helmets is constantly growing, and when you purchase a helmet, you can rest assured that it has undergone massive amounts of tests to make sure it provides you with the highest quality of safety.



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