Nothing Says 'Biker' Like Leather

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What type of leather can you choose from?

Nothing Says 'Biker' Like Leather

If there was a material that is synonymous with motorcycles it would be leather. Leather is a great way to keep your body warm, and your style traditional. There are many different types of leather motorcycle gear that you can choose from, all of which range in style and even color. You can decide between leather motorcycle clothing and even leather motorcycle pants. However, when you are choosing leather motorcycle apparel you will want to make sure that you understand the various types of leather available.

There are many different types of leather grains, which is the epidermis of the animal skin. If you want to have the highest quality leather, than you will want to find top grain leather. Top grain has had all of its imperfection removed, and this is done through sanding. Top grain leather is extremely durable and is a strong material, which will last you for many years. On the other hand, full-grain leather has only had its hair removed, thus all imperfections are still intact. However, this type of leather is the finest of all hides. With naked leather, the only modification that's made is that dye is added. Many people note that this leather is soft, so if you are looking for smooth leather you will want to purchase naked leather apparel.



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