Look Great with Leather Clothing

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How should I clean my leather clothing?

Look Great with Leather Clothing

There are some things that are synonymous with motorcycles. However, out of all of this leather clothing is the number one item that most bikers must have in order to look and feel the part. Even though leather motorcycle clothing is part of having a bike, you need to make sure that your leather clothing lasts as long as your bike. In order to ensure this, you need to care for your leather motorcycle apparel.

Taking care of your leather clothing is not difficult to do, it just takes an awareness of your clothes, and also understanding how to treat your leather clothing. The most important key to caring for your leather clothing is to know how to treat your leather after it has been in contact with harsh environments. Whenever your leather motorcycle apparel become wet, immediately hang the item up to dry. You will want to hang your leather clothing on a padded hanger, and let it sit there to dry. After a couple of hours, check your leather clothing and when it is almost dry add conditioner to keep the leather from cracking.

The number one complaint that most riders have about their leather clothing is when they get a stain from food, or other causes, they don't know how to properly treat the stain. If this happens, use a non-detergent soap with a wet sponge and gently clean the leather in a circular motion. Make sure that you rinse the spot well, and allow it to air-dry.



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