Let Your Hands Feel the Love

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What are the best type of gloves to keep my hands warm during winter riding?

Let Your Hands Feel the Love

When you're riding your bike down the Interstate and it begins to cool off, there is only one item you should reach for, your leather gloves. Leather motorcycle gloves come in a wide variety of styles, comforts and quality of leather. One of the most popular, and comfortable, types of leather gloves is Deerskin Leather Gloves. These gloves will keep your hands warm in the chilliest environments, in addition to giving you more comfort than traditional leather gloves.

With leather gloves you should have the choice of full-finger gloves, gloves with removable gauntlets and fingerless gloves. With removable gauntlet gloves, you are able to customize the look of your gloves, depending on how long you want your gloves to be. If you are cruising on a chilly day, than you will want to keep the gauntlets on, which will extend the warmth of the leather past your wrist, and if you don't need this extra protection, you can simply shorten the gloves to standard length. Fingerless gloves are a great way to keep your palms comfortable, but if the weather is especially cold, your fingers will quickly feel the chill. Remember, with all leather gloves, you will want to ensure that they have a reinforced palm as well as sufficient insulation.



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