Location of Biker Club Meetings

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Where are motorcycle club meetings held?

Location of Biker Club Meetings

Biker clubs, like any other organization, often have meetings at buildings that they own or rent. However, due to the nature of biking clubs, bikers often meet at a previously designated spot (gas stations and large parking lots are popular meeting places) and then ride together on a route that they have planned in advance. Most of the time, biker clubs meet to ride, so they do not need a building and can simply pick any public location to meet. On occasion, however, bikers will meet for other purposes, such as charity events, and they will usually pick a location that they either own or rent. Otherwise, they will meet at a large public area that has ample space for both their bikes and themselves. Although many gas stations and commercial parking lots have signs forbidding loitering, they will often make exceptions for bikers because of the business that is brought in.



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