Biker Club Etiquette

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What is proper biker club etiquette?

Biker Club Etiquette

Biker club etiquette varies from club to club, but there are some basic guidelines that should be followed no matter what. First, you should always be safe when riding and look out for your personal safety first, followed by that of your fellow riders. When riding, be careful not to cut off cars or your fellow riders, and maintain a safe following distance between yourself and the bike in front of you. You should also arrive at the club meeting spot early, so that you will have time to check your bike for any problems before everyone leaves. Finally, you should always stop and help your fellow bikers, even if it means that you get left behind by the pack. These guidelines are universal to all biker clubs, and following them can help increase the fun and enjoyment you will have while part of a biker club.



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