Harness Boots

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What are harness boots?

Harness Boots

Harness boots are specialized boots that are designed to protect the feet of bikers. This motorcycle accessory is an important part of any biker's gear, and should be worn whenever you are riding a bike. The boots are usually very high, coming halfway or more up the rider's calf. The lower portion of the boots can have steel toes and are very rigid, designed to protect the rider's feet from any accidents and against the heat of the bike's exhaust and engine block. A distinctive feature of this piece of motorcycle gear is the series of straps on the boot. There are four straps on the lower portion of the boot that are joined together with metal rings. This feature makes harness boots stand out, and may be the source of their name. Harness boots are usually made out of leather and are very thick, but they are extremely comfortable for both riding and walking. In fact, harness boots have become popular with people other than bikers. They have even been worn by characters in movies such as The Terminator .



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