Motorcycle Rain Gear

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How can you best ride a motorcycle in the rain?

Motorcycle Rain Gear

When riding a motorcycle on a regular basis, coming across rain is inevitable. Because of the open nature of a bike, rain can make the experience miserable. However, with the proper motorcycle rain gear, this does not have to be the case. To start with, having a full face helmet with a flip down visor will protect your head and keep it completely dry during even the heaviest showers. A waterproof coat, such as a one made out of leather or Goretex, will repel water from your upper torso and arms. Long waterproof gloves that come up and over the sleeves of the coat will keep your hands dry and prevent water from running up the sleeves of the jacket. For your lower torso and legs, purchasing a pair of waterproof pants or wearing waterproof chaps over your normal riding pants will help keep your legs dry. Finally, having tall waterproof boots that are tucked under your pants will keep your feet dry, and keep water from running down inside of them. If the rain is extremely heavy, or you ride through it often, having a tall windscreen on your bike can help keep the water off of you. Once you reach a high enough speed, the windscreen will help form a protective barrier of air that will keep water from blowing directly into your face. By using the proper protective motorcycle rain gear, you can ride your bike in all conditions and still have an enjoyable time.



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