The Perfect Fit

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How do I know if a motorcycle helmet fits me correctly?

The Perfect Fit

Before investing in a helmet, try several of them on.

When you find one you like, wear it for at least five minutes to make sure it is comfortable on you.

To make sure it is not too loose, try putting your hands behind your head, lean your head forward and try to pull it off.

If it falls off or moves, it is too loose. A loose helmet will not give you the protection one that fits you will.

A helmet should be snug enough that it remains stable when you move your head. While you have the helmet on try moving your head side to side as well as up and down. Shake your head and see if you notice any movement of the helmet.

You do not want to purchase a helmet that is too snug or it will quickly become uncomfortable. If in doubt, ask a salesperson. Most of them have been trained to help you figure out how snug is snug enough.

Finally, remember that just because you wear a medium in one brand of helmet does not mean you will wear a medium in all helmets.

Just like shoes, one size does not fit all.



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