How to Store Your Helmet

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What is the proper way to store a motorcycle helmet?

How to Store Your Helmet

When you are not wearing your helmet you will want to make sure you store it in the proper way to insure that it does not get damaged.

Most helmet manufacturers' include proper storage instructions with their helmets and you should take the time to read those.

Before putting your helmet into storage, even if it is just for the day, put it in a helmet bag.

This will help protect your helmet from scratches and dings that could damage the outer shell of your helmet.

Never store your helmet where there is excessive heat or cold.

The interior of your helmet will disintegrate easily if exposed to harsh conditions such as gasoline, exhaust fumes, chemicals, heat or cold.

Finally, store your helmet laying flat.

Do not hang your helmet from the side of your bike. Remember, accidents happens and keeping your helmet laying flat on a shelf will help insure that it does not easily get knocked off. The better care you take of your helmet, the longer life it will have. Cracked helmets are useless. The worst part is you might not see the crack until something happens and your helmet does not hold up.

Proper storage is as important as choosing the proper helmet.



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