It's All About Fit

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What should a comfortable motorcycle helmit feel like?

It's All About Fit

When looking at motorcycle helmets you will see a wide array of sizes, colors, graphics and styles.

If you have done your homework, as you should do before going on a helmet buying spree, you will have an idea of what manufacturer you prefer as well as an idea of what style of helmet you prefer.

The first thing to do is try the helmet on before you make a commitment to buy it. Wear it for at least five minutes. Make sure to move your head up and down as well as sideways. If you feel any pressure on your head during this time or feel the helmet moving you need to choose a different size. A helmet, just like any other clothing, has to fit right or you will not want to wear it.

Additionally, if a helmet does not fit right, it will not protect your head properly.

If you are in doubt about the fit of the helmet, ask a sales associate, most of them have been trained to know how to properly fit a helmet. Remember too that motorcycle helmets come in a wide range of internal shapes so choose one that fits the shape of your head.

It really is best to purchase a helmet from a local shop rather than from an online vendor so you can make sure it fits and is comfortable that way you will not be distracted by problems with your helmet when you are riding.



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