Types of Motorcycle Jackets

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What kinds of motorcycle jackets are there?

Types of Motorcycle Jackets

When you go to the store to purchase a motorcycle jacket, you might be surprised at the variety you will encounter. There are many types of motorcycle jackets made, all for different occasions, weather conditions and riding styles. Leather jackets are some of the most popular types, and they come in all colors. These jackets can either be plain or have emblems on them, such as the Harley-Davidson logo. Other motorcycle jackets are bomber jackets, which are usually made out of leather, but have an additional layer of padding on the inside of them. This extra layer increases the comfort level of bomber jackets and makes them more enjoyable to wear. Some motorcycle jackets will also be water-resistant or waterproof, enabling bikers to continue to ride even in the rain and snow. These jackets can be made out of leather, though some type of synthetic waterproof material is more common. Finally, some motorcycle jackets are built with armor padding and plates in them, designed to protect riders in the case of crashes and accidents. These are most commonly worn by bikers with faster bikes, such as the iconic "crotch rockets" that are popular today. Regardless of the type of jacket worn, there is no argument that wearing some type of jacket will increase your safety while biking.



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