Leather Bomber Jackets

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Are leather bomber jackets appropriate for wearing while riding a motorcycle?

Leather Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets are usually constructed out of leather, and have an extra layer of padding and insulation built into them. Their name comes from their use in WWII, when they were used by pilots to protect themselves against the cold temperatures they flew in while on bombing runs. An iconic symbol of that era, bomber jackets have survived through into present-day society, including the motorcyclist culture. Although leather bomber jackets are designed with comfort first in mind, they are safe to wear while riding a motorcycle. So long as the jacket does not hinder movement to the point where it is difficult or dangerous to ride a motorcycle, bomber jackets are appropriate to wear. Other jackets, such as armored ones, will provide more safety to a biker, but wearing any jacket is better than wearing none at all. Although bomber jackets have no armor built in, the extra padding may help in case of an accident, providing an additional buffer for the wearer. In summary, leather bomber jackets are appropriate motorcycle attire, so long as the wearing of them does not cause the rider to suffer a loss of control of their bike.



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