Motorcycles and Long Trips

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What kind of motorcycle is best for long trips?

Motorcycles and Long Trips

When taking long trips on a motorcycle, comfort should be one of the motivating factors for choosing what kind of bike to purchase and ride. Two manufacturers stand out as producing bikes that have been used extensively for long distance rides, Harley-Davidson and Honda. Harley-Davidson bikes have a classic look to them, and are used by hundreds of thousands of riders across the world. People routinely ride them cross-country when taking part in biker rallies and other motorcycle events, and they have a reputation for being well-built and sturdy machines. However, one drawback is that most Harleys do not have many "modern" conveniences built into them, like radios, digital guages and so forth. Honda, on the other hand, produces larger motorcycles with these types of amenities, specifically for people who are riding long distances. Honda bikes are also well-built and extremely reliable machines. They are generally used by portions of the population who like to ride bikes simply to get to their destination, in contrast to Harley riders who consider their bike an integral part of the riding experience. Regardless of whether you choose a Harley or a Honda, both manufacturers make exceptional bikes, and the final choice should rest on your personal taste and desire.



7/30/2009 12:27:46 PM
Zuri said:

You seem to be partial to Hondas... but in all fairness, Harleys do have the 'modern conveniences' you spoke of. Since you seem to talk about the Honda Goldwing you would have to compare Harley touring bikes (like the Electra Glide or Road Glide) in order to make a fair and impartial comparison. BTW, I do not own a Harley, but felt compelled to chime in on the topic.


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