Motorcycles that Stand Out

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What kind of motorcycle should I get if I want to stand out?

Motorcycles that Stand Out

When people buy a motorcycle, they sometimes want to stand out in a crowd and turn heads as they travel down the road. If you would like to do this, then you should purchase either a Harley-Davidson motorcycle or a "crotch rocket" from a different manufacturer (such as Honda). A Harley-Davidson is a well known, iconic bike, and the large engine and loud exhaust are classic hallmarks of a Harley. Harleys will turn heads when they ride down the street, especially if the exhaust is exceptionally loud, or the bike has been upgraded to have interesting or unique patterns or designs on it. If you do not want to drive a Harley, though, purchasing a "crotch rocket" is another way to turn heads. These bikes are built for speeds, and their nickname comes from the fact that riding one is analogous to sitting on a rocket, because of the massive amount of power that is built into such a small object. Such bikes come in stylish and eye-attracting colors, and have sufficient speed and body design that they will attract anyone's attention. Riding one of these bikes, while moderately dangerous, will make you stand out, and will likely be fun to ride as well.



2/7/2009 4:08:10 PM
Loud bikes suck said:

Harleys and all other motorcycles are manufactured quiet per long standing federal law. Inconsiderate idiot owners install loud mufflers so that we can hear them in our homes! Why is it that over 80% of motorcycles have loud mufflers installed? Some idiots actually believe it makes them safer, but refuse to get a loud horn and realize that exhaust points backwards, away from potential hazards.


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