Where to buy a Snell approved helmet.

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Where can I buy a Snell approved helmet?

Where to buy a Snell approved helmet.

When it comes to purchasing a helmet you can purchase them online but it is best to purchase a helmet from a local motorcycle shop so that you can try a variety of helmets on to see which helmet fits you properly.

Remember, a helmet that does not fit right will not protect you properly in an event of an accident.

Most motorcycle shops carry a wide variety of helmets.

At least some of these should be Snell approved. If the shop you choose to buy your helmet at does not have any Snell approved helmets on their shelf, ask them if they can get them. If not, and you want a Snell approved helmet, check out other motorcycle shops.

There is a list of motorcycle dealers online at http://www.smf.org/links.html which do carry Snell approved helmets.

There are motorcycle shops that only carry novelty helmets and none of those are Snell certified.

However any legitimate motorcycle shop that sells quality, certified helmets should carry or at least be able to get a Snell certified helmet. Be sure to look for the decal and make sure that you are getting a Snell certified helmet. If you have any doubts, the sales person should be able to help you, you can call the Snell Foundation or look at the Snell Foundation website for more information.



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