Use Protective Riding Gear

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What kind of protective clothing should I buy for riding a sports bike?

Use Protective Riding Gear

Protective riding gear such as gloves, boots, jackets, riding pants, helmets and eye protection is an individual choice.

It is extremely important that bikers, especially those who are just learning, purchase good protective riding gear.

Buy the best that you can afford.

Snell-approved helmets have been through rigorous testing and have been proven to withstand quite a bit of force that other helmets do not.

Leather jackets, gloves and riding pants can save your skin – quite literally.

A quality leather can take quite a bit of abuse before it will begin to tear, unlike skin.

A good pair of riding boots is essential.

Look for boots that are reinforced and protect the toes, ankles and shins. Do not allow the boot laces to dangle as they could get caught on your bike. Some of the most common injuries in motorcycle crashes are to the hands and feet.

When choosing riding gloves get ones that fasten at the wrists.

Remember the better quality protective gear you buy the more protection your body will have in the event an accident happens.



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