Know your sports bike and how to handle it under a wide range of conditions.

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What kinds of conditions should I be prepared to ride my sports bike under?

Know your sports bike and how to handle it under a wide range of conditions.

Learn everything you can possibly learn about your bike and how to ride it.

Read the motorcycle drivers' manual for your location.

Find out where the local motorcycle safety courses are being given and sign up for one.

If you have taken the initial motorcycle safety course and it has been a while, take a refresher course. Most of all, practice riding your bike so you know how it handles under different conditions such uneven surfaces, wet pavement, loose gravel, sand and high winds.

The more you know, the better off you will be should the unexpected happen. Read as much as you can about motorcycle safety, potential hazards and how to handle inconviences such as flat tires, barking dogs and wild animals such as deer that come out of nowhere. Then practice, practice, practice.

Practice riding with someone on the back of your bike who is experienced.

As you gain confidence and ability you can begin to instruct other people how to be a good passenger and gain experience riding them.

If your bike came with a users' manual, sit down and read it.

If it did not come with one, order one so you can become familiar with the way your particular bike works and how to handle break downs such as flat tires.

Finally, make sure you have a biker's tool kit that you know how to use in your tool box on your bike.



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