Learn how to safely pick up your sport bike.

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How do I safely pick up my sport bike if it is on the ground?

Learn how to safely pick up your sport bike.

Learning the safe way to pick up your sport bike from the ground if it goes down is something you should learn and practice doing now so if that fateful day ever comes you are prepared.

The first two things you need to do before attempting to move your bike is to hit the kill switch so your bike is off and then turn off the gas. You will want the bike to be in gear if it is not already as this will make it easier to move.

Next, position yourself so your butt is facing the seat of the bike.

Once you are positioned, stoop down and grab the left grip with your right hand.

Pull the left grip towards the tank of the bike, then find something sturdy such as the underneath of the bike seat to grab a hold of.

Keep your left hand as close to your body as possible.

Next, you will want to sit on the edge of the seat about mid-way and make sure there is nothing under your feet that will cause you to slip.

The positioning of your butt on the seat is what gives you leverage. You are going to push the bike up with your upper legs and butt and pull up a bit with your arms. Do not use too much force when doing this or the bike will fall the other way.

Once you have the bike in an upright position be sure to put the kick stand down.

If the bike falls on the right side, you will reverse these directions. If the bike is not easily moving, check your body position to figure out what is wrong.



5/30/2009 4:39:10 AM
Ken said:

This tip does not work for sport bikes which have a higher center of gravity than cruisers. This method was developed for cruisers.


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