Be aware of the vehicles and pedestrians' around you.

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How can I avoid an accident on my new sports bike?

Be aware of the vehicles and pedestrians' around you.

Motorcycles are often not looked for or seen by other motorists even if you have loud pipes on your bike.

Many motorists do not understand that motorcycles do not react in the same way a vehicle does when it comes to breaking or stopping.

As a sport bike rider it is crucial that you be aware of the vehicles around you as well as any pedestrians' that could potentially run or walk into your path.

Make sure you have a working horn on your bike and do not be afraid to use it. S

tay out of vehicles blind spots.

Watch for flying trash that motorists may toss out of their window and allow yourself enough room to safely swerve and miss it.

Do not tailgate the vehicle in front of you, if they stop suddenly, your bike will not be able to.

Stay at least a car length behind them and watch for other motorists who might see this as an invitation to cut in front of you.

Signal well enough in advance that motorists will be able to see what your intentions are rather they are changing lanes, stopping or turning.

Defensive driving on a sport bike and always remaining mentally alert is your best bet for safety.



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