Make sure your bike is visible.

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How can I make my motorcycle more visible?

Make sure your bike is visible.

The fact that motorcycles are just not seen cannot be stressed enough. I

t is crucial that you make sure your headlight, taillight and turn signals are all in working order and that you use them.

A headlight should be on anytime, day or night, that you are riding.

Spend the money to buy lots of reflective strips and decals for both your bike and your clothing. Choose a helmet that is light colored and is reflective.

Although leather, the best clothing to wear on a bike, is often black, lighten it up with reflective decals, tape or a simple vest that will go on the outside of your jacket.

If you have an option to purchase a light colored bike, do so, because they are easier to see. If not, get a paint job done on the bike or add the reflective tape and decals.

Do not ride in a motorist's blind spot, they will not see you.

Choose the best lane position by riding where you can see and where you will be seen.

If you must make an unexpected stop on the side of the road, get as close to the edge of the grass as you can and use your flashers.

Even after doing all of this, remember you still need to drive defensively and know what is going on around you.

Your quick reaction to an unexpected situation could stop an accident.



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