Chopper Motorcycles

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What is a "chopper" motorcycle?

Chopper Motorcycles

A "chopper" is a motorcycle that has been significantly altered and customized to fit the needs of the rider. A chopper generally has a distinctive style to it, and there are various features that make choppers stand out from other, more mainstream motorcycles.
Choppers are usually laden with chrome, and this material makes up a significant portion of the bike's chassis. Choppers also usually have an elongated from section, with the front wheel frame stretching several feet beyond where normal motorcycles have it located. Elongated handlebars are also a popular feature--as is a lowered seat and a tall, thin seatback that is located behind the rider. These features evolved over many years, but at their core of their style is a desire to strip the bike down to its essential parts and only have on it what is absolutely needed.
Early choppers had their blinkers, mirrors, lights and other parts removed, and were popularized because of the look that doing so gave them.



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