Chopper Frames

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What types of materials go into choppers and chopper frames?

Chopper Frames

Chopper frames can be made out of various materials, but steel and chrome are the primary components, and chrome is by far the most popular feature on choppers in today's age. Chrome exhausts, handlebars and frames are all extremely popular and are one of the identifying features of choppers. Choppers also have other features that are recognizable, such as long curved handlebars, elongated front wheel frames and wide tires with elaborate rims.
Lowered seats with high chrome seatbacks are also popular, and stem from a time when the riders were rebelling against regulations that dictated that they must have a seatback on their bikes. Because the gas tank sits between the rider's legs, well-decorated gas tanks are also popular, and many different designs can be seen on choppers.
All in all, however, chrome is the most popular component of choppers and chopper frames, and can be found on virtually every chopper, regardless of the manufacturer.



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