Custom Choppers

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What are some popular features on custom choppers?

Custom Choppers

Choppers have a very distinctive look to them which was first started post-WWII when returning soldiers would strip down (or "chop") and modify motorcycles to suit their needs and to exercise the mechanical skills they learned in the war. In modern times, choppers are generally built from scratch (or from a kit) and there are a few features which are common among most custom choppers.

The first feature that is found on virtually every chopper in existence is chrome. Chrome is used for everything: exhaust pipes, handlebars, on the frame and even on tire rims. Elongated handlebars are another popular feature, and some custom choppers have handlebars that stretch out to as far as the riders can reach. Elongated front wheel frames are also a staple of choppers, and some have front wheels that are several feet out from the main part of the body of the motorcycle. Wide wheels can complement this design, and wheels over a foot wide are not uncommon sights.
Depending on who you purchase a chopper from, the design will vary, but there are a few design components that are the same among all choppers.



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