Chopper Kits

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Can I build my own chopper?

Chopper Kits

Because of their extensive modifications, choppers can cost a large sum of money. While purchasing your own may be too expensive, if you really have a desire for one, then you might be able to build it yourself. Some companies sell chopper kits that contain most or all of the parts that you will need to construct it. If you have metalworking tools and a good sense of how to put things together, then you shouldn't have any problems with making a chopper yourself.
The advantage to building your own motorcycle with a chopper kit is that you will save money and be able to make changes to your bike as you are building it. The disadvantage to doing this is that it may take a long time to do, and that you will not have any experts helping you along the way, so the quality of the bike may not be what you would get if you were to purchase it from a shop. However, a final option--if you neither want to purchase or build your own--is to take an existing stock motorcycle and modify it to look like a chopper.
Some modifications will require only the removal of certain portions of the chassis, while others will require more extensive metalwork. Regardless of how you choose to build it, though, you will be sure of having a marvelous time.



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