Different Kinds of Helmets

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What kinds of helmets are available that are DOT approved?

Different Kinds of Helmets

There are a variety of helmets that bikers wear, and there are a variety of helmet styles that are DOT approved. Half helmets, which cover only the top portion of the head, are popular among bikers because they allow them to wear sunglasses and have greater freedom of movement in their head and neck region.
These types of helmets can often be seen in shops that sell Harley-Davidson gear, since Harley-Davidson riders tend to wear them more often than other bikers. Other types of helmets are full-face helmets and modular helmets. These types of helmets cover the entirety of the head. Modular helmets have a front section on them that flips up, which makes it easier to adjust the helmet since they do not have to take it off like other full-face helmets.
While these types of helmets are less comfortable and they restrict movement somewhat, the advantage to wearing them is that they provide the best protection in case there is a crash or an accident since they surround and cover the whole head. All of these types of helmets have manufacturers that have received DOT approval, and all are suitable to wear while riding.



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