Custom Helmets

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Can I make my own custom helmets?

Custom Helmets

Some riders feel that traditional helmets simply do not provide them with enough originality, and they wonder if they can create their own helmets to use when riding. Unfortunately, this is not advised, and can also be against the law. Helmets that are approved by the DOT undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they meet strict safety and durability standards, and homemade helmets will not have the luxury of going through this testing.
Additionally, because helmets are required by law in some states, if a rider has a helmet on that is not DOT approved, they may face fines because their helmet does not come up to specifications. If you want a unique-looking helmet and cannot find it in any stores, you do have the option of modifying DOT approved helmets to get the look you want. Be certain that when doing this, however, that you do not damage the structure of the helmet in any way, and that you refrain from using any chemicals on the helmet that might damage it or make it crack.
So long as you ensure that the helmet remains undamaged, then you can modify it as much as you want, and get the custom helmet that you've been wanting.



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