Leather Goods and Clothing

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Why is leather important to wear while riding?

Leather Goods and Clothing

Leather goods are a popular and recommended clothing type to wear when riding motorcycles for many reasons. Leather is by nature extremely strong and durable, and it is perfect for protecting bikers from any number of problems they may encounter when on the road.
Wind, rain and snow are no match for a full leather outfit, and they can keep the rider dry and warm in all but the strongest downpour. Leather's durability is also helpful in protecting the rider against road hazards, such as dirt, rocks, road debris and insects. With the proper leather clothing on, a rider will not even notice if a small rock is kicked up and hits him or her. Finally, leather is also rugged, and if a biker falls or is involved in some type of accident, it will hold up well against asphalt, cement, gravel and dirt.
Although it doesn't have much cushioning, leather will prevent the rider's skin from making direct contact with the road surface, thereby decreasing the damage done, and increasing their likelihood of surviving with minimal injuries.



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