Typical Leather Clothing

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What popular leather clothing is typically worn while riding?

Typical Leather Clothing

Leather clothing is one of the most popular styles for riders of motorcycles. It is comfortable to wear for long periods of time, it protects the rider from road hazards, weather and falls, and it is durable and lasts for a long time. Leather gloves are a staple of the leather goods worn by riders, as they keep rider's hands from drying out and protects them in case they fall.
Leather chaps are also popular because they protect both the rider's legs and their pants, and they can keep them safe from road debris such as rocks and other items that are kicked up by vehicles. Leather vests and jackets are also popular, since they both keep the rider warm and protect them against road debris and falls. Leather clothing may not have very much cushioning built into it, but its combination of stylish looks and protective powers make it a number one choice for bike riders, particularly riders who are owners of Harley-Davidson and similar bikes.
Bikers who ride other bikes do not tend to wear leather as much, but they have been known to don pieces of leather goods simply for protective purposes.



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