Motorcycle Clothing and Apparel

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Besides leather, what other types of motorcycle apparel are worn?

Motorcycle Clothing and Apparel

Leather is one of the most popular lines of clothing that is worn by motorcycle riders. However, motorcycle leather is not the only type of clothing that bikers wear, and there are a variety of other types of motorcycle clothing and motorcycle apparel that cab be worn while riding.
Helmets are the most important part of a rider's attire and should be worn at all times when riding. They protect the rider's head against falls and other injuries, and are required by law in many states. Jeans are also popular with riders of all types of motorcycles, primarily because they are both comfortable and extremely rugged and durable. Jeans provide excellent protection to the rider's legs, and they keep the rider from being injured in case road debris is kicked up, or if they fall due to an accident. T-shirts are commonly worn by bike riders, not because they provide protection, but because they are lightweight and comfortable.
Leather jackets are worn over the shirts to provide protection against the elements, and the shirts help keep the rider's upper torso comfortable. Finally, boots are a staple of bikers, and most bikers wear them. Boots are good for long trips, they wear well and they protect the rider's feet from road debris and accidents. All of these types of clothing are very popular among bikers and are worn by them on a regular basis.



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