Modular Helmets

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What is a modular helmet?

Modular Helmets

A modular helmet is a type of helmet that can change from a full-face helmet to an open-face helmet by flipping the front section up. This alteration is not permanent, however, and the front section must be flipped back down when riding the bike.
One advantage to having a modular helmet is that it can be more comfortable to wear, since you can adjust it more easily once it is on than you can a full-face helmet. It also allows for greater range of movement when the bike is stopped, since the rider can do things like look at maps or make phone calls without having to remove their helmet. However, the disadvantage is that it is not as stable or sturdy as a full-face helmet, and certain impacts can--if forceful enough--dislodge the front section from the rest of the helmet.
Another potential problem is that as the helmet ages, rain may start to leak through the edges of the flip-up section, which is a disadvantage that full-face helmets do not have. Despite the issues with modular helmets, they are very nice and comfortable to wear, and are recommended if you are tired of a full-face helmet but would like to avoid getting an open-face or half helmet.



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