Motorcycle Boots

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What types of boots are worn when riding?

Motorcycle Boots

When riding a motorcycle, it is good to wear something other than tennis shoes or sneakers. Riding a bike is very demanding on your feet because of how they interact with both your bike and with the pavement, so having shoes that are comfortable yet durable is the key to keeping your feet from being in pain.
Boots are the best type of shoes for bike riders because they are made to last longer than regular street shoes, and because they are comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Black boots are the traditional color for riders, although boots can come in many different colors and styles. Leather boots are some of the most popular types of boots, and boots that come mid-way up the calf and up to the knee are also popular. For riders who routinely hurt their feet or have other labor-intensive work to perform while riding, steel-toed boots are a good choice, since the steel in the boot will keep it from being easily crushed, allowing the rider to relax and not worry about the safety of their feet.



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