Boot Styles

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What are some popular styles of boots?

Boot Styles

Since boots are the most popular type of footwear for motorcycle riders, they come in many different styles and materials. Some of the most popular boots are leather boots and harness boots, which can be referred to as "Harley Davidson boots," since riders of Harley Davidson motorcycles often wear them.
Tall boots are also popular, though not as much as leather and harness boots. Tall boots extend far up the leg, protecting the calf from road hazards and falls. Leather boots, regardless of what style they are, are popular because leather holds up well against debris and the weather, and it is comfortable to wear and long-lasting. Harness boots, which have metal rings and strips of leather or cloth going around them, are also popular and have gained a reputation as being the boots of choice for Harley Davidson riders. These boots will often be thicker than regular boots and will sometimes have steel toes in them to give the rider extra protection.
Regardless of the make or style of boot you choose to wear, boots are an essential part of every rider's apparel, and they should be worn whenever you ride your bike.



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