Boots and Safety

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Why is it good to wear boots when riding?

Boots and Safety

If you do a lot of riding, you will want to pick a pair of shoes that are comfortable, durable and long-lasting. Most street shoes like tennis shoes or sneakers are not up to this challenge, but boots are made for it.

Boots are good to wear when riding for several reasons. They keep your feet safe from road hazards and accidents because they are tough, and they can help keep your feet from burning if they happen to touch the engine while you are riding. Boots also ride and wear well, and they will not develop tears, rips or holes as easily as street shoes would if put under the same stresses and strains. Boots can also be extremely comfortable, and once put on, they are easy on your feet even if you ride all day long. For these reasons, you should wear boots whenever you ride your bike, even if it is only for short distances. If you find boots uncomfortable to wear, consider getting coverings for your regular shoes that will provide the same protection and which you can remove once you have reached your destination.



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