Leather and Men's Boots

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What kinds of mens boots are popular?

Leather and Men's Boots

There are many styles and types of boots that are favored by male bikers. Regardless of what type you choose to wear, however, wearing mens boots while riding will give your feet the proper protection and support that they will require. Leather boots are some of the most popular types because of their comfort and their durability against wind, rain, snow and road hazards such as rocks.
Tall boots, which cover the shins and calves of the legs, are also popular because they provide an extra layer of protection to the pants that the rider already wears. These are good to wear if you know you will be riding on gravel roads, or roads on which you expect to encounter other road hazards. Harness boots are a third type of boot that are extremely popular, and you can find them primarily on riders of Harley-Davidson and similar motorcycles. They are usually made of leather, with thick soles and metal rings on the sides that are connected with leather or cloth straps that go over and around the boot.
These boots can also contain steel toes, which helps protect the rider's feet from being crushed in case of an accident.



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