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Should I give out my cell phone number or home phone number?

Use Your Cell Phone

Never give out your phone number online in a chat room or use your home phone number on an online dating or matchmaking site.

If you really feel you want to talk to someone on the phone use a cell phone number. You may even want to set up a separate cell phone, such as a pay-as-you-go cell phone, just for this purpose. By going this route if someone becomes annoying you can choose to ignore the phone ringing or even change that number without the hassle of notifying everyone who calls your other number.

The other advantage of using a cell phone number is that you can use one of several new online services to find out what kind of person you are going to date by putting their cell phone number into a set of text blocks and then find out what their dating habits are.

You can even add your own set of comments. There are even dating sites that allow you to use your cell phone to connect to others looking to date you so you do not have to wait for an email. While this may be a bit more of a risk than using a standard online dating site it may suit your lifestyle better.

Should I pay attention to my gut feelings?

Listen to Your Gut

If your gut is telling that this is the wrong person for you, listen.

If you don't feel like you are in a good situation, listen to your instincts' and look for an immediate way out. Have a pre-mediated plan in place so you do not begin to panic.

A pre-mediated plan will keep you calmer should a bad situation arise and your reason for leaving will seem more realistic than if you are trying to come up with something off the top of your head.

Tell a friend ahead of time what the plan is and choose a friend you can trust to follow through with their end of the bargain. You could arrange to have a friend call you at a certain time to ask how the date is going. Have a plan in place such as saying to the friend ‘maybe I should come home now' and have the friend offer to pick you up so you are not leaving alone.

Do not be afraid to end the date early even if you do have to leave on your own.

A bad situation does not generally get better and most often escalates as the night goes on. Many times we are afraid to listen to our gut feelings or simply dismiss them. On a blind date it is never a good idea to dismiss our feelings.

How much information should I divulge about myself online?

Keep Personal Information to Yourself

Information such as where you work, your home address, home phone number and real name should be kept confidential.

The online biker dating site that you choose should also keep this information confidential.

Any information that could be used to find out your real identity should be kept confidential.

Do not mention friends names, families names or co-workers' names either. Remember in today's world where information is just a search away it would not take much to find out information about you or someone you know. The last thing you want is for an unexpected stranger to show up at your place or work, residence or some other place you might be looking for you.

Use a screen name that it not even close to your real name.

If you mention the state you live in do not mention the town until you decide to meet up.

If it is a small town you may want to meet in a larger city.

Do not give out your home or work phone numbers.

If you must speak via phone use a cell phone number. You may even want to set up a separate cell phone, such as a pay-as-you-go cell phone, just for this purpose.

Remember the less they know, the less likely they can find you. Keep your information to yourself until you meet this other person and decide to take the relationship forward.

How do I know if an online biker site is reputable?

How to Choose Reputable Dating and Matchmaking Biker Sites

Before signing up for an online biker dating or matchmaking service, do your homework.

Are you looking for a date or a commitment?

If you want to date look for a dating service, if you want a commitment look for a matchmaking service.

One essential feature to look into is rather or not the site allows potential matches to communicate online anonymously.

Member privacy should be at the top of the list of important features the site offers. Many online sites offer a double-blind system for the protection of their customers.

Other items a reputable site will offer is an advanced search option, instant messaging, email and easy navigation.

Check to see that the site allows users to post pictures of themselves and if your date does not have one posted, insist on seeing one before you hook up.

Before deciding which site to join look online for objective dating service reviews to see how the sites you are considering measure up.

Last, but not least, is it a free site or a paid membership site?

If it is one that requires some form of payment you are not getting a guarantee of the safety of the site or how reputable it is but there is an easier way to trace who the profile belongs to should the date turn sour since they would have to provide some form of payment.

Should I ride on the back of his bike on a first date?

For safety's Sake, Ride Your Own Bike or Ride as a Group

When meeting up with another biker that you do not know for a ride it is best to bring your own bike.

If you do not have one, ask a friend to borrow one, rent one or arrange a group ride so you are not put in a position of being under someone else's control. This will give you the advantage of deciding to end the date if things are not going the way you hoped they would.

It also means your date will not have to drop you off at home.

Meet in a public place and after the ride plan to sit at a restaurant or other public place for a while so your date cannot follow you home.

If you are riding as a group, decide upon a destination that is not near your home to end the ride and go your separate ways.

Make sure it is a well populated, well lit location. Riding during daylight hours is also a good idea because it allows a clearer view of what is happening around you and allows others to see you easier.

You could also arrange to meet at a pre-arranged biker function that will have a ride or at least allow you to be in a group situation.

Where is the best place to meet a new date?

Always Meet a Date in a Public Place

Going on a date for the first time can be intimidating, especially if you don't know the person.

When meeting someone on an online biker chat room or a dating site it is always wise to meet in a public place.

This protects both parties privacy should it turn out that you do not like one another.

It also gives each party an easy out if they are feeling uncomfortable.

You can always arrange to have friends at that public place that you can leave with should the date turn sour.

Pre-arrange a time or a signal that lets your friends know if you are in deeper than you wish to be.

Leaving as a group instead of as an individual or couple will give you the added security you may end up feeling you need.

The other advantage of meeting in a public place is that it protects both parties' private homes. If the person you meet does not have your address there is a less likely chance that they would go to the trouble of trying to find it out should the two of you not click.

Meeting in a public place also removes the pressure of sex on a first date.

If you are not alone in an intimate setting it just makes it easier to say no.

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