Always Meet a Date in a Public Place

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Where is the best place to meet a new date?

Always Meet a Date in a Public Place

Going on a date for the first time can be intimidating, especially if you don't know the person.

When meeting someone on an online biker chat room or a dating site it is always wise to meet in a public place.

This protects both parties privacy should it turn out that you do not like one another.

It also gives each party an easy out if they are feeling uncomfortable.

You can always arrange to have friends at that public place that you can leave with should the date turn sour.

Pre-arrange a time or a signal that lets your friends know if you are in deeper than you wish to be.

Leaving as a group instead of as an individual or couple will give you the added security you may end up feeling you need.

The other advantage of meeting in a public place is that it protects both parties' private homes. If the person you meet does not have your address there is a less likely chance that they would go to the trouble of trying to find it out should the two of you not click.

Meeting in a public place also removes the pressure of sex on a first date.

If you are not alone in an intimate setting it just makes it easier to say no.



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