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What popular leather clothing is typically worn while riding?

Typical Leather Clothing

Leather clothing is one of the most popular styles for riders of motorcycles. It is comfortable to wear for long periods of time, it protects the rider from road hazards, weather and falls, and it is durable and lasts for a long time. Leather gloves are a staple of the leather goods worn by riders, as they keep rider's hands from drying out and protects them in case they fall.
Leather chaps are also popular because they protect both the rider's legs and their pants, and they can keep them safe from road debris such as rocks and other items that are kicked up by vehicles. Leather vests and jackets are also popular, since they both keep the rider warm and protect them against road debris and falls. Leather clothing may not have very much cushioning built into it, but its combination of stylish looks and protective powers make it a number one choice for bike riders, particularly riders who are owners of Harley-Davidson and similar bikes.
Bikers who ride other bikes do not tend to wear leather as much, but they have been known to don pieces of leather goods simply for protective purposes.

Why is leather important to wear while riding?

Leather Goods and Clothing

Leather goods are a popular and recommended clothing type to wear when riding motorcycles for many reasons. Leather is by nature extremely strong and durable, and it is perfect for protecting bikers from any number of problems they may encounter when on the road.
Wind, rain and snow are no match for a full leather outfit, and they can keep the rider dry and warm in all but the strongest downpour. Leather's durability is also helpful in protecting the rider against road hazards, such as dirt, rocks, road debris and insects. With the proper leather clothing on, a rider will not even notice if a small rock is kicked up and hits him or her. Finally, leather is also rugged, and if a biker falls or is involved in some type of accident, it will hold up well against asphalt, cement, gravel and dirt.
Although it doesn't have much cushioning, leather will prevent the rider's skin from making direct contact with the road surface, thereby decreasing the damage done, and increasing their likelihood of surviving with minimal injuries.

What are leather chaps, and why should they be worn during riding?

Leather Chaps

Leather chaps are coverings for your legs that act as protective agents against falls, rocks, wind, rain and other hazards you will or may encounter while riding on the road. Chaps were used originally by cowboys when they were working, since the leather was strong enough to shield their legs and lower torso from the elements, while still allowing them to move about freely since they only cover the front of the legs.
Chaps should be worn while riding, especially if riding on a regular basis. Each time you ride, the chances of a fall increase, and the chances of getting hurt by a rock or some other type of debris from the road rise as well. The leather will also provide some protection against rain, wind and cold weather, although if you are riding in the rain then you should probably invest in more robust protection from the elements.

Besides leather, what other types of motorcycle apparel are worn?

Motorcycle Clothing and Apparel

Leather is one of the most popular lines of clothing that is worn by motorcycle riders. However, motorcycle leather is not the only type of clothing that bikers wear, and there are a variety of other types of motorcycle clothing and motorcycle apparel that cab be worn while riding.
Helmets are the most important part of a rider's attire and should be worn at all times when riding. They protect the rider's head against falls and other injuries, and are required by law in many states. Jeans are also popular with riders of all types of motorcycles, primarily because they are both comfortable and extremely rugged and durable. Jeans provide excellent protection to the rider's legs, and they keep the rider from being injured in case road debris is kicked up, or if they fall due to an accident. T-shirts are commonly worn by bike riders, not because they provide protection, but because they are lightweight and comfortable.
Leather jackets are worn over the shirts to provide protection against the elements, and the shirts help keep the rider's upper torso comfortable. Finally, boots are a staple of bikers, and most bikers wear them. Boots are good for long trips, they wear well and they protect the rider's feet from road debris and accidents. All of these types of clothing are very popular among bikers and are worn by them on a regular basis.

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