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What is the safest motorcycle jacket to wear while riding?

The Safest Motorcycle Jacket

Whenever you ride a motorcycle, having a sturdy jacket on is extremely important to both your safety and your comfort. The best type of jacket to wear, however, depends on the weather and how much risk you are willing to live with. During rain or snow, wearing a waterproof jacket is the best choice for overall safety and comfort. If a normal jacket is worn, it will quickly become waterlogged, which will make the rider extremely uncomfortable. It will also decrease their attention to the road, which may lead to more accidents. If a rider is driving at high velocities, then an armored jacket is the best choice. The extra padding and plates built into the jacket will help protect the rider if there is an accident, and will help deflect any road debris that might be kicked up towards them. Under normal, clear-weather conditions, while it is technically safer to wear an armored jacket, a normal leather jacket may be substituted, depending on how risk-averse you are. If you want to take as little risk as possible, then an armored jacket is the way to go. If, however, you wish to sacrifice a margin of safety for increased comfort and flexibility, then a leather jacket or bomber jacket is the proper jacket to wear. Regardless of what kind of jacket you wear, however, having on any type of jacket is usually better than wearing none at all, and you should always put on a jacket before you set out to ride.

What kinds of motorcycle jackets are there?

Types of Motorcycle Jackets

When you go to the store to purchase a motorcycle jacket, you might be surprised at the variety you will encounter. There are many types of motorcycle jackets made, all for different occasions, weather conditions and riding styles. Leather jackets are some of the most popular types, and they come in all colors. These jackets can either be plain or have emblems on them, such as the Harley-Davidson logo. Other motorcycle jackets are bomber jackets, which are usually made out of leather, but have an additional layer of padding on the inside of them. This extra layer increases the comfort level of bomber jackets and makes them more enjoyable to wear. Some motorcycle jackets will also be water-resistant or waterproof, enabling bikers to continue to ride even in the rain and snow. These jackets can be made out of leather, though some type of synthetic waterproof material is more common. Finally, some motorcycle jackets are built with armor padding and plates in them, designed to protect riders in the case of crashes and accidents. These are most commonly worn by bikers with faster bikes, such as the iconic "crotch rockets" that are popular today. Regardless of the type of jacket worn, there is no argument that wearing some type of jacket will increase your safety while biking.

How can motorcycle jackets help protect you?

Protection in Motorcycle Jackets

While riding a motorcycle, having proper protection gear is critical to your safety and well-being. While a helmet is arguably the most important piece of safety gear to wear, a motorcycle jacket is also extremely important. The proper motorcycle jacket will keep your upper body warm, protected against road hazards and safe in case of a fall or accident. Quality motorcycle jackets, including leather jackets, will shield you against the elements and help keep you warm and dry regardless of the weather. Thick jackets, such as leather jackets, bomber jackets, or armored jackets will help deflect airborne obstacles, such as dirt, bugs and rocks. Proper motorcycle jackets will also help keep your upper torso protected in case you have an accident, and will provide an extra layer of protection if you hit an object or slide across a gravel, dirt or asphalt surface. Although motorcycle jackets cannot keep you completely safe, wearing a thick, well-padded jacket will add protection and help make your ride more pleasant.

Are leather bomber jackets appropriate for wearing while riding a motorcycle?

Leather Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets are usually constructed out of leather, and have an extra layer of padding and insulation built into them. Their name comes from their use in WWII, when they were used by pilots to protect themselves against the cold temperatures they flew in while on bombing runs. An iconic symbol of that era, bomber jackets have survived through into present-day society, including the motorcyclist culture. Although leather bomber jackets are designed with comfort first in mind, they are safe to wear while riding a motorcycle. So long as the jacket does not hinder movement to the point where it is difficult or dangerous to ride a motorcycle, bomber jackets are appropriate to wear. Other jackets, such as armored ones, will provide more safety to a biker, but wearing any jacket is better than wearing none at all. Although bomber jackets have no armor built in, the extra padding may help in case of an accident, providing an additional buffer for the wearer. In summary, leather bomber jackets are appropriate motorcycle attire, so long as the wearing of them does not cause the rider to suffer a loss of control of their bike.

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