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What is some common Harley Davidson motorcycle gear?

Common Harley Davidson Gear

Harley Davidson motorcycles are some of the most popular motorcycles in the world. The emblem for the Harley Davidson company is iconic, and people recognize it across the globe. With such a huge following, it is only natural that they would have gear that is specially designed for riders of their bikes. Harley Davidson gear usually tends to be made out of leather. The official Harley Davidson gear store sells leather boots, chaps, jackets, vests, saddle bags and a whole host of other items that can be used for riding motorcycles. Other Harley Davidson gear includes items like helmets and sunglasses. Harley Davidson helmets are very unique in shape and design, and are usually half helmets, covering only the top portion of the head, leaving the rest exposed. Eye protection usually consists of darkened sunglasses that wrap around the eye, protecting it from both weather and road hazards, such as flying dirt, bugs or rocks. Finally, Harley Davidson bikers sometimes like to put emblems on their bikes, such as flames or skulls. While not exactly "gear" in the strictest sense of the word, these emblems are very important to bikers, and many choose to use them.

What are harness boots?

Harness Boots

Harness boots are specialized boots that are designed to protect the feet of bikers. This motorcycle accessory is an important part of any biker's gear, and should be worn whenever you are riding a bike. The boots are usually very high, coming halfway or more up the rider's calf. The lower portion of the boots can have steel toes and are very rigid, designed to protect the rider's feet from any accidents and against the heat of the bike's exhaust and engine block. A distinctive feature of this piece of motorcycle gear is the series of straps on the boot. There are four straps on the lower portion of the boot that are joined together with metal rings. This feature makes harness boots stand out, and may be the source of their name. Harness boots are usually made out of leather and are very thick, but they are extremely comfortable for both riding and walking. In fact, harness boots have become popular with people other than bikers. They have even been worn by characters in movies such as The Terminator .

How can you best ride a motorcycle in the rain?

Motorcycle Rain Gear

When riding a motorcycle on a regular basis, coming across rain is inevitable. Because of the open nature of a bike, rain can make the experience miserable. However, with the proper motorcycle rain gear, this does not have to be the case. To start with, having a full face helmet with a flip down visor will protect your head and keep it completely dry during even the heaviest showers. A waterproof coat, such as a one made out of leather or Goretex, will repel water from your upper torso and arms. Long waterproof gloves that come up and over the sleeves of the coat will keep your hands dry and prevent water from running up the sleeves of the jacket. For your lower torso and legs, purchasing a pair of waterproof pants or wearing waterproof chaps over your normal riding pants will help keep your legs dry. Finally, having tall waterproof boots that are tucked under your pants will keep your feet dry, and keep water from running down inside of them. If the rain is extremely heavy, or you ride through it often, having a tall windscreen on your bike can help keep the water off of you. Once you reach a high enough speed, the windscreen will help form a protective barrier of air that will keep water from blowing directly into your face. By using the proper protective motorcycle rain gear, you can ride your bike in all conditions and still have an enjoyable time.

What are saddle bags?

Motorcycle Saddlebags

Motorcycle saddlebags are descendants of the saddle bags that were used on horses. In years past, cowboys would put twin bags that were joined by a strip of leather over a horse, either on the saddle or directly behind it. These bags were used for carrying provisions, ammunition and personal effects, and because of their close proximity to the saddle, they earned the name "saddle bags." Today, motorcycle saddlebags are used for similar purposes, minus carrying ammunition. Bikers use saddlebags to carry food, personal effects, tools and anything else that they might need during a ride. Because of their stylish look, they are extremely popular and are used on most motorcycles. In particular, Harley-Davidson motorcycles have a reputation of utilizing saddle bags, and most bikes that are on the road from their company have saddle bags on them. Saddle bags should be an integral part of every bikers accessory kit. They can be bought in many different sizes, shapes and colors to conform to each individual biker's tastes and needs.

What are some common motorcycle accessories?

Common Motorcycle Accessories

Motorcycle accessories are just as important to the well-being and comfort of a rider as is the bike that he or she rides. Having proper motorcycle accessories can mean the difference between a miserable experience on a bike and one that is fun and enjoyable. One common motorcycle accessory is a pair of harness boots, which are thick leather boots designed to protect a biker's feet while riding. Biker's may also wear other leather clothing, including a leather jacket and chaps, which help protect the rider against road debris and any accidents which may occur. Another motorcycle accessory that is mandatory is a helmet, either a full face helmet or a half helmet, which covers just the top of the head. Choosing to wear a helmet can literally be a choice to live instead of die, since the damage from accidents that happen with bikers can be mitigated with a proper helmet. Finally, having a good pair of saddle bags is very helpful if you want to carry any personal items with you when you ride. Motorcycle saddlebags bear a close resemblance to traditional saddle bags that went on horses, and can be used to carry a variety of items. All in all, having the proper motorcycle accessories is an important part of riding, and they should be carefully and thoughtfully selected.

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