The Purpose of Biker Clubs

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What is the purpose of a biker club?

The Purpose of Biker Clubs

Biker clubs can have many different purposes, but the main reason that they come together is the same as any other club: people of like-minded interest wanting to spend time with each other. When bikers get together, they have an opportunity to talk with people who share their views on bikes. They can also band together to promote worthy causes, or ride together to promote charities. Biker clubs can also be formed so that individuals who do not normally ride bikes have a chance to regularly ride and be a part of such an organization. Many clubs are made of people who work normal jobs during the week, but become "weekend warriors" and ride with their clubmates on Saturdays and Sundays. Some biker clubs have also had nefarious purposes, such as the notorious Hell's Angels. Hell's Angels purports to be a club free of violence and drug use, but historically and anecdotally speaking, they were formed with those reasons being the main ones for the members to band together.



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