What's your Style?

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With so many styles to choose from, how do I decide which motorcycle helmet is best?

What's your Style?

Let's face it, if you do not like the helmet you choose, you are less likely to wear it and a helmet that is not on your head cannot help you out if you are in an accident.

There is a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors of helmets available. Some of them have graphics on them, some are plain. The one you choose should reflect your personal style as well as match your bike if you wish. Motorcycle helmets with graphics usually cost quite a bit more than their plain counterparts of the same quality, but again, the amount you wish to spend is up to you and you will certainly be more likely to wear it if you like it and if it fits properly.

Comfort and proper fit is another factor to consider when purchasing a helmet.

It can have the coolest graphics in the world but if it doesn't fit right, it will be useless to you in the event of an accident. You can always dress up a plain colored helmet yourself and save some money. Adding graphics, reflective tape or even painting a picture on a plain helmet are all possibilities.

Finally, once you do find the helmet you really like, try it on to insure a comfortable and proper fit.



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