Face Coverage Choices

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What face coverage choices are there in motorcycle helmets?

Face Coverage Choices

When it comes to choosing a motorcycle helmet you there is a variety of face coverage options to pick from.

You can purchase a full-coverage open-face helmet, a shorty or half helmet as it is known or a full-face helmet which will come with a chinbar. The full-face helmet with chinbar has been found to give the most protection in various studies.

If you choose a helmet with a chinbar it should be covered with the same EPS liner that the inside of the helmet is covered in.

The EPS liner is a hard Styrofoam-type foam that is responsible for absorbing the energy of an impact. There are also helmets available with flip-up facial sections which are known as modular.

Once you decide on the helmet face coverage style you will then want to consider a faceshield which should have the certification information molded into it.

For a proper fit the shield needs to seal all the way around the edge of the helmet opening, be easy to operate and stay in position when it is raised.

You can also get anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings on the faceshield and you should choose one that has these options for best performance.



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